Once upon a time, in the deepest darkest depths of Cornwall lived a real life Aquarius named Alice. Alice spent her early life riding her horses whilst dressed up as pirates, princesses and whatever else she could think of, using any fabric she could find in the family home… She learnt to play the piano and the drums, and luckily for her she lived close enough to the sea to be able to spend hours standing in it, believing that the length of time doing this would correlate directly to the likelihood of her transitioning into a mermaid. It didn’t, so she went to school instead.

A few years later, in the lead up to exam day Alice arrived at school to be swiftly taken into the headmasters office and told “You cannot keep coming into school dressed like you are on a catwalk or on a beach” and she said "Yes I can" because she did not quite understand rules, or care for them at all. 


She completed a make-believe degree in daydreaming and one day she thought "Bugger this, I’m going to be a fashion designer" and her mother said "Praise the lord!" for she knew that Alice would grow out of wanting to become a Spice Girl as she grew closer to her 25th birthday*. Despite presenting one solitary drawing, she was accepted unconditionally at art school and went on to study fashion design at Plymouth College of art.


*some dates have been changed for showbiz purposes


Upon graduating Alice was commissioned  to do works for The Clothes Show, The X Factor, Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, and the Range Rover Evoque launch, before starting her own self-titled fashion line. This fashion line quickly gained momentum. She was commissioned to create Jessie J’s summer stage outfits, and since then items from her collections have been worn by star including Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Rita Ora, Charli XCX, Jaime Winstone, Bip Ling and Little Mix.


She was featured in Cosmopolitan as part a series titled ‘Be That Girl’, covering inspirational women under 30. She has dressed stars on the cover of Fabulous, been featured in Vogue, Elle online, Notion, and MTV among others.


In 2015 Alice won the ‘Peta - Young designer of the year award’ and was featured alongside Stella McCartney in Vogue magazine and is now recognised as one of the top ethical designers. She has collaborated with My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Care Bears to create ethical fashion lines and most recently worked on an ad to celebrate the launch of Avicci’s Invector game, creating a hooded coat inspired by the graphics.


Alice cares a lot about nature and all animals. She knows that this planet is not ours and if we want to keep our Earth Airbnb rating squeaking clean we must care for it. We are equal to animals and Alice knows this. She knows we must not use animals for our own gain.


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